Collection Notice

Chefs Cluster provides a platform that connects Hosts who have kitchens to rent with Users seeking to book and occupy Kitchens within a defined and agreed rules setting. The Chefs Cluster site is owned and operated by ZEPA Technologies Pty Ltd ACN 618 281 413 (“Chefs Cluster”, “us”, “our”, or “we”).

If you join Chefs Cluster, or otherwise access or use the Site, we will collect your personal information including your account information (profile name, address, contact details, location, correspondence with other users) and any personal information within the materials you post on the Site (such as Kitchen description and information, photos, documents, videos and other updates).

We will collect your personal information primarily for the purpose of enabling your use of the Site, which includes considering any enquiries or requests you make, for the purpose of facilitating your use of the Site.

Other ways we may use your personal information and the information shared by you with us, are as follows:

·       we may use discussions, kitchen listings, photos, videos, and comments you share on the Site, for research and analytical purposes, including to help us improve our platform and/or product offerings;

·       we may use descriptions, photos, videos, discussions you place on the Site for promotional and marketing purposes:

–  on any of our websites and on our social media platforms; and

–  in other material (such as digital advertising) as well as corporate communications (such as media releases, press releases, shareholder reports and annual reports); and

·       to comply with our legal obligations.

Your kitchen listing, photos, videos, and discussions (and any personal information within those) you share on the Site will be viewable by other users of the Site and will be identifiable via your chosen name and chosen image/avatar. Direct communication between you and another user, will remain only between the two parties.  

If we use your photos, videos, descriptions (and any personal information you share within those):

·       on any of our websites or on our social media platforms, it will be publicly viewable and may be identifiable via your chosen user name; and

·       in other material or corporate communications, it will be publicly viewable and may be identifiable via your chosen name (unless we confirm otherwise with you in advance).

Please remember that any personal information you share about yourself or other persons on the Site will be accessible to other members of the Site. For this reason, please do not share any personal, sensitive or confidential information about you or any other person whilst using the Site.

It is usual for us to disclose your personal information onto persons, companies or other entities who perform functions or services on our behalf, such as our product suppliers, IT services, or where otherwise required by law.

We will request that any organisation to which your personal information is disclosed also treats the information as confidential.

Our Privacy Policy contains information about how you can seek access to or correct the personal information we hold about you, and how you can complain about a breach of privacy.

If you have an enquiry about privacy, you can contact us by email at Our emails are usually checked during office hours, Monday to Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm (AEST).