Kitchen space for rent/lease in Australia

Commercial kitchen space for rent in Kurnell,NSW 2231

Commercial kitchen space & warehouse space available. Kitchen includes 2 x Moffat 40 tray Convotherm Combi ovens, 3 x lowboy gas burners, 4 x SS tables, 2 x Wash down bays, Hobart 60litre mixer, packing room, coolrooms, and dry goods storage if required. 12 hours shift day or night available on a permanent basis. $300 per shift

Commercial kitchen space for rent in Surry Hills,NSW 2010

Commercial kitchen Surry Hills - perfect for food delivery business! *** Perfectly located for food delivery services such as Uber Eats, EASI, Deliveroo etc. or your catering business *** Commercial kitchen available 7 days a week: - WEEKDAYS: from 2:30pm - WEEKENDS: whole days Conveniently located in Surry Hills, 3 minutes walk from Central Station. Includes approximately 90sqm of commercial kitchen with these equipment: • 6 burner stove • 2 Combi Ovens • Deep fryers • Bain Marie • Sandwich prep fridge • Triple-sinks • Stainless steel workbenches and shelves • Utensils • Cool-room storage • Freezer • Dry goods storage • Anything else required please ask All rentals have sole access to the kitchen for the booked time-slots (no sharing of kitchen with others).

Commercial kitchen space for rent in WAVERLEY,NSW 2024

Fully equipped cafe commercial kitchen in Waverley/Bronte available for sharing. The kitchen is generally NOT available between 6 am - 5 pm Wednesday to Saturday and 4 pm to 11 pm on Sunday.

Commercial kitchen space for rent in Brookvale,NSW 2100

Huge commercial kitchen with cool room and massive walk in freezer for lease. Reasonable rates working alongside other food industry people in start up businesses as well as established. Friendly work environment with loads of space, where like minded Industry professionals can learn and grow! Please contact to discuss longer term storage needs and pricing.

Commercial kitchen space for rent in Merrylands,NSW 2160

Commercial kitchen conveniently located in Merrylands, with 30 seconds walk from Merrylands station with on-site parking. Includes approximately 50 sqm of newly renovated kitchen. We only allow one user/company at a time. Additional equipment, not listed above: Bain Marie, sandwich prep fridge, utensils.

Commercial kitchen space for rent in BEXLEY,NSW 2207

A crystal clean restaurant kitchen with all the necessities one might need to ensure you are ready for all your cooking and prep needs. Loading dock and plenty of parking available on premises. Limited fridge and freezer storage is available as part of your booking. Must be discussed prior to booking.

Commercial kitchen space for rent in Bondi,NSW 2026

We are a community run, non-denominational, industrial kitchen where meals are prepared for distribution to needy people across Sydney. We are Kosher and Halal certified, and HACCP approved. At our kitchen we offer a place for people to come together and cook for a good cause. As we are a large community and commercial kitchen, the price reflects 2 x bench spaces with use of all equipment in the kitchen at the time of booking. Please be aware that during your time at the kitchen, you will be expected to remain dynamic and community minded.

Commercial kitchen space for rent in BEXLEY,NSW 2207

Commercial kitchen Gas burner Storage 2 commercial ovens Commercial mixer Storage Bench space Commercial mixer

Commercial kitchen space for rent in BEXLEY,NSW 2207

This space is large and offers lots of storage, rear loading across, on-site parking, permanent/regular rentals available with storage, walk in cool room and freezer, 6 burner cook top, combi oven and loads of bench space.

Commercial kitchen space for rent in Kilkenny,SA 5009

Medium Sized kitchen built in warehouse to handle all types of storage needs. 24 hour access Suitable for: Meal Prep, Condiment, Beverage manufacture, Catering, Baking Reasonable rates Free parking, even park inside the warehouse to load/unload Large Roller door access, storage for several pallets of product

Commercial kitchen space for rent in CARLTON NORTH,VIC 3054

Commercial kitchen includes Freezer and large Cool room for use when on premises. Suitable for all sorts of groups and production on a professional basis. Please contact to discuss storage needs and pricing. Perfect for preparation of food trucks/ markets/ cooking classes/ baking and cake making classes and all. This premise is less then 3 km away from the main city centre.

Commercial kitchen space for rent in SOUTH MELBOURNE,VIC 3205

Urban Kitchen is located in the heart of South Melbourne with easy access to the CBD. We have 2 kitchens perfect for production, 9B training facility, virtual restaurant operators. 44 Individual cooking stations & 2 presenter benches, cool room, freezers, washing station, Full separate commercial production kitchen, with cool rooms, freezers, prep benches, combi oven, wash station